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1-1,000+ Office 365 seamless, no down-time cost effective FAST migration services.

Not sure what it takes to migrate your company over to Office 365, no problem we got you covered! We can provide additional customized no hassle seamless migration services that includes end-user communications and self-service training!

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We can migrate your organization in a matter of a few dedicated hours in just a week. You can choose to help or sit back and let the magic happen.

All we need is a regular email address and password of a typical end-user email box on your source system to be able to auto analyze the type of data being migrated, the number of users you would like to migrate and when you would like to do it, then we work you up a quote and statement of work quite quickly!

Limited Special offering even bigger discounts starting today.  Any order placed through June 17, 2017, receives the below pricing: Accelerate Bundle – now only $18 / seat +12 months of Cloud Backup for Office 365 (Exchange, SharePoint & OneDrive for Business) +FREE Email Migration SMB / Enterprise Email Migration Suite – now $18 / seat, Data Only Email Migrations – now FREE ONE FLAT RATE – No matter the size of your order, the price per seat will remain the same.


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BI Best Practice Expert Training On-Demand

BI Best Practice Expert Training On-Demand We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Pragmatic Works and can now offer you not only the On Demand 7 day free trial but a 10% discount too!


Pragmatic Works On-Demand Training gives you access to over 20 SQL Server, Data Science and Business Intelligence courses that you can watch at your own pace.

*Access to ALL courses and modules
*Access to the platform for 7 days
*Submit the form to receive an email with a link to your free trial.
*Use our 10% discount partner code eQualityIT10 when you make the purchase.

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Free Trials Data Optimization Software

Free Trials Data Optimization Software Our pragmatic works partner products easily integrate into your SQL Server stack while saving time and money. Learn how you can increase productivity by downloading a free trial of any one of these products and training free!

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